KarenI'm Karen Walrond, a freelance photographer and writer living in my native country, Trinidad & Tobago. I'm also the creator of Emerald Market, a shopping blog showcasing the best eco-friendly, organic, sustainable and fair trade items the web has to offer. If it's green and I dig it, you'll find it there.

Emerald Market also includes thoughts chronicling my journey to living a more eco-friendly and sustainable life. The articles, under the category "Emerald Life," feature personal anecdotes, as well as tips and tricks to living more green, without having to resort to tie-dyed shirts and comfortable sandals. Because really, envirofriendly living doesn't necessarily mean having to give up being fabulous.

If you'd like to read more about me, my English husband, and my American daughter, be sure to check out my personal website, Chookooloonks.

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